Bed Rest Musings – Day 5


Praise God who got me through last night. It was horrible. Twice, I woke up. I was cramping and it felt like blood was oozing out of me. But there was no blood. It was all just FEAR = false evidence appearing real. The battle was quite intense. I kept on rebuking fear, the cramps and the spirit of miscarriage, in Jesus’ name over and over amidst worship music. Until admittedly, I got tired and just surrendered to the Lord, telling Him, “Lord, can I just rest in You? Kayo na po bahala”. I fell asleep in a while.

This morning, I woke up feeling a bit nauseous and gassy, without any cramping.  Praise God! I have a feeling that the worst may well be over. God was and certainly is my champion.

Today, I take a brief break from this 2 week bed rest to see the OB. I can only but pray: Oh  Lord, You alone know Your sovereign and miraculous ways. How marvelously You form a human inside the womb. I praise You for who You are and for the work of Your hands. I just trust in You and hope in You. Yet even if the fig tree does not bloom, I will still worship You. It’s all up to You. Thank You, Lord of the breakthrough. In Jesus’ name.


Got a laugh upon receiving this text from my best friend…ooops, guilty as charged. Hehe


Grabe, everytime what I missed crosses my mind, never fails to produce this constricting, tightening feeling in my stomach. And I remember work everytime I see a P&G commercial! Hindi naman ako ganito dati. (Well, maybe because I always took care not to miss anything). But my bestfriend is right. Not the time for me to think about this. And with all this, I realize that the perfect antidote to stress is really KNOWING that the Lord has it all in His hands.

Incidentally, a few minutes later, I receive this text from the boss’ boss, who thankfully is a sister in Christ and a friend in JPIA. I really pray that they understand what I’m going through at the moment.


and I believe we have an answered prayer

Lord Jesus, You are sovereign and I declare that You are sovereign over my work, my career. Thank You for reminding me that You have it all in Your capable hands. You see the end from the beginning and by far, are more able than me. Thank You because You are more than able to work things for the good. I release everything to You, Lord. Continue to bless Evelyn with wisdom and favor. Thank You for making her the head, not the tail. You have positioned her in such a time as this to hire me, and to be an understanding one-up manager to me in this season. May I provide good support to her, and also to Pinky, my immediate boss. Bless Pinky too, as well as the rest of the team and may they come to a place of true rest – the revelation of Your finished work and how it applies to their lives.


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