Free from the Swirl

This spoke so much to me:

You are an overcomer! Keep standing! Keep declaring the Word! Do NOT BOW DOWN to the circumstances around you and the lies the enemy is throwing at you. Bow down in surrender to HIM, to Jesus, and stay aligned with His Word and WATCH AND SEE the SWELL that is about to set you free from this swirl of current opposition.

THE ENEMY IS CAUSING A “SWIRL” BUT WATCH AND SEE THE “SWELL” I AM RISING AGAINST HIM.. – https://lanavawser.com/2015/12/the-enemy-is-causing-a-swirl-but-watch-and-see-the-swell-i-am-rising-against-him/

Abba Father, it’s not easy, I’m realizing. Lord, even trials have a tendency to harden one’s heart if one strengthens himself by his own strength. But Lord, I do not want to have a hardened heart before You. Keep my heart tendet, O Lord, so I may hear You. Be the one to strengthen my heart as I wait on You. I welcome Your Spirit in greater measure to help me.



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