Prayer Points

Abba Father, thank You for this article, and for Patricia King’s video this evening on importance of meditating on Your Word (reading the Bible methodically) and tithing time. Father, I repent for selfish prayers. Thank You, Lord, for revealing to me what I ought to pray for. Father, I repent for not meditating on Your word, as I should, for foregoing reading of the Bible and thus missing out on Your complete counsel. In these times, all the more do we need Your complete counsel, Lord.


Abba, thank You because I’m beginning to feel better.  The pain medication is working. Father, thank You for exposing endometriosis. Father, please anoint the medicines to kill the endometriosis effectively.

Father, thank You for 8 years of marriage with Mike, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, for as long as we live. Lord, forgive me for not giving my husband respect and love due him. Thank you for the love that You make me feel through him. Bless him and our union, Lord. Heal our pains and traumas on losses and detours.  Abba, direct us accordingly, we seek Your will for our lives this year so we can plan according to Your leading. Lead us, speak to us, Holy Spirit. Forgive us, Lord, for not being purposeful in the first 8 years of our marriage; but help us to begin anew in You. 

In Jesus’ name, amen.


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