Weapons on Display

In the dream that I woke up in, I dreamt that I was shown swords and guns, unused and held on display, kept inside a glass case hanging on a wall.

When I woke up, I was reminded that the word of God is the sword of the Holy Spirit. Could it be that God is showing me that His word is not being used in my life, but is merely held for display, especially in times of spiritual warfare? Or is He showing that my life showcases His word?

When I looked up gun in this book

Meanings 1 and 2 struck me.

Perhaps the Lord is showing me that His word should be used as a spiritual weapon, spoken, in my life. And I need to speak it out even more.

Abba, thank You for that dream, and for the impressions given to me by Your Holy Spirit. I repent, Lord, for not speaking Your Word as much as I should. I want more, Lord, I want to use Your word. Let me be a doer, not just a hearer, of Your word. Let me run away with Your promises. Holy Spirit, activate Your word in my life, for Your word is living and active. Abba, may the showcase of my life be Your word, how it is true even in this day and age, and how it has equipped me and brought me through in the toughest of seasons. No other boast but of You. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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