Sharpening the Saw

These past few weekends were periods of sharpening the saw for me professionally.

Yesterday was our graduation from the Chartered Trust and Estate Planning course. 


With our Chartered Trust and Estate Planning professor, Atty. Edgar Mendoza, CPA, CTEP, RFP. He was our next door neighbor when we moved to UPLB. He was then reviewing for the bar exams and as a young lawyer used to carpool to Manila from Los Banos with my dad very early in the morning. He shared a number of fond, heart-warming anecdotes about my dad, whom he remembers as a very honest and simple lawyer. He says my dad was one of the 3 lawyers who signed his Certificate of Good Moral Character for the bar exams. Aside from the learnings and tips acquired from him, I'm so thankful that our paths crossed, as I've been praying for a mentor in the profession who dabbles in my field of interest. A divine connection indeed!


With my CTEP batchmates

Two weeks from now, I will be taking an exam to have myself certified as an Estate Planner. This is a field that I’ve been interested in since I read the case of Delpher vs CA in law school. With my tax law experience as base and a refresher in family and succession laws plus more study on trust laws and applications, this niche field seems very promising. The dearth of estate planning professionals and growing number of uneducated yet mid or high net worth individuals looks like a good prospect.

I am really praying that the pending projects would push through, and that I will continue to receive mentoring from Atty. Mendoza. Moreso, I pray that this would help augment our income, considering the objectives of:
1. Setting up savings (thus far, I have 2mos of savings) – in case I need to go on bed rest for a pregnancy
2. Paying off a portion of my remaining 2.5yrs of car loan balance, classified as consumer debt
3. Travel to Sydney with my mom in August and to Turkey
4. Have a buffer during my husband’s “interim period” after his current job (Lord, may this be as short as possible. Please)
5. Provide additional monthly budget for child care expenses for the adoption (the process of which we have yet to officially commence)

I should be reviewing for the exam I’ll be taking in 2 weeks; but here I am spending my Sunday evening to catch up on online trainings for my day job.


I am not particularly enjoying this. My job is pushing me to be more of an accountant than a lawyer, where my brain is wired differently.  I repent for my discontentment when I was in the law firm and able to practice what I really wanted.  Then again, this job pays well and the company is a good employer. The co-workers are not perfect, but they’re not horrible. (Though I feel like some, from my department and beyond, look down on me, for having made wrong career choices. But who cares, I ought to stop caring that much) It’s just that I’m not very passionate about what I’m doing. Maybe that’s a good thing.

Of late, this job has been very demanding-  approximating my lack of work-life balance level in QT. I pray that the work load will ease and my learning curve steepens beyond what is required, so I can be more efficient and effective, and thus have more time for my estate planning pursuits and more importantly, my marriage.


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