Trust Restored

Trust. Big word. – Sarah Geronimo as Laica Magtalas in You Changed My Life in a Moment

Indeed, trust is a big word. It is the currency in almost all relationships – even in our relationship with our Heavely Father. Trust is built over time, based on a record of fulfillment of promises and spoken words. When one is trusted, one can be motivated to churn out results beyond baseline expectations.

Oftentimes though, trust seems underrated in human relationships, as the impact of deeds or misdeeds, words or silences on trust is overlooked. Our trust in God can also be damaged when we view certain life events from a lens that we were let down.

Where our trust is broken, we are unable to function at the utmost and our hearts are broken. Where trust is broken, it cannot be repaired overnight – unless God’s supernatural healing power takes over.

Most people don’t understand though that restoration of trust entails a process which begins with healing of brokenness. Otherwise, what can be displayed at best is manufactured trust, which clearly is not sustainable and will once more crumble at the pull of a trigger. Yet, it is possible for God’s supernatural healing to take place. And once healed, the person whose trust has been broken needs to remain and walk out in the healed state, not in his own strength, but by God’s grace. Should he fall from it anew, he should just get back on track by returning to True Rest – that secret place in Christ.

This morning, I received a much-needed prayer of impartation and healing for God’s supernatural spirit of trust to replace betrayals I’ve experienced. As I felt pain and heaviness lift off my chest, I realized that God did not want to merely deal with trust issues in my marriage, but He meant to give a deeper healing of trust. It was then revealed to me that beneath my inability to trust my husband again is my inability to trust God wholeheartedly. Ergo, trusting my husband again will simply be a by-product of the complete restoration of my trust in the Lord. He is the One who will cause it to happen.

I realized that I was to have the posture of being seated like a child at His feet again – eyes focused and gazing in awe at her Father in full trust. This is where the healing of my heart will flow. First things first: my child-like trust in God must be restored…And oh this time of my life, when my marriage, career and finances are in some crossroad, is the perfect opportunity to practice it.

“Unlike other practices, such as prayer, study, solitude, and so forth, the practice of trust is not something we can schedule. We kind of have to wait for situations that would cause us to worry or fear, and in the midst of that situation, choose to believe that we are safe in the arms of God. We have to sail along and wait for a rogue wave or a sudden wind shift, and trust we will not capsize. We must be attentive to see the opportunity in a moment of struggle.

To choose to trust does not mean we don’t care, but that we place our cares in the hands of one who cares for us.” – The Spiritual Practice of Trust




And with this, may I find new strength.



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