Do what you have to do

Today, God revealed to me that I, too, have grown cold in my love for Him, distracted by lesser things. But He is drawing my heart back to Him, restoring my first love.  I feel it in my heart now. I just pray that my thoughts would just be so focused on Him, that whatever I go back to in Manila will not rattle nor daunt me. (Currently in Cebu for a One Thing Conference, through which God is healing my heart of hurts and fears through a face to face encounter with His love). May my situations just be a venue for a deeper friendship with God to be stirred.

On a related note, this article, quite related to the Lord’s revelations and continuous prayers for Mike and our marriage, greatly encouraged me today:

Today, believe like Elijah

and believe what the Lord has promised you regarding restoration of your marriage.  Do not look at any of your circumstances, just trust the Lord, His promises and His Word.

Who are you obeying or following in your own personal life?  Your Lord God or the false gods of this world?  How long do you waver between two opinions?  God has only one standard.  He does not care what other people say or think.  What does the Word of God say?  What does the Lord say about your marriage?  Have you put your spouse or children before your Lord God?  That would be an idol.  Never forget that God is a jealous God.  Do not worry what others think or say.  Repent to the Lord and follow Him forever

Charlyne Cares – BELIEVE WHAT GOD SAYS! – Rejoice Marriage Ministries, Inc.

Thia prayer is wonderful, and I adopt it as mine:

“Lord, I am being obedient to my wedding vows as a covenant, not a contract to be broken. Answer me, O LORD, answer me, so these people (family, co-workers, and church friends) will know that you O LORD, are God, and that you are turning their hearts (my spouse’s heart) back again.”

Beyond Mike and me, this is about the people around us witnessing God’s power at work in changing hearts and reviving / restoring marriages. The enemy may be on attack, but God is more powerful, and His victory is accomplished. His Kingdom come in our marriage and in the institution of marriage on earth, as it is in Heaven. It is all about His Kingdom…to usher in Jesus’ return. Amen.

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