Celebrate Regardless of Mood!

Today is our 9th wedding anniversary. After hurdling challenges, which seemed fatal to our marriage, I felt that after the rough patches have been smoothened out, we deserved a celebration. Thinking that my husband is not the type to prepare surprises, I cooked this one up while we were still in our Aussie vacation last week 

And yet yesterday, I found myself making a hint again about wanting a surprise from him. I am struggling with that right now, actually, especially since I know that our day will be spent with his sister and her family. I am wondering if he will make this day somewhat special for us. Thinking of a scenario where he doesn’t tends to put me in a bad mood…and hence extra efforts to focus and place my expectations at the feet of Jesus. As I did so, I read this article from Graham Cooke’s blog

Reading the article rebuked me. Regardless of whether or not my husband surprises me with something, I am to celebrate because God is celebrating over us, as a couple and individually. God has immense surprises for us, such as a new beginning after a tough year and more things to look forward to. 

And so we celebrate! 


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