Secure in God Alone

Last Sunday, I received a word assuring me of my worth in God’s eyes.

I have struggled from one extreme to another: pride and overconfidence at one end of the pendulum and insecurity leading to discontent, jealousy and/or paralysis at the other end. Both extremes have one thing in common: focus on self. 

Having become aware of those tendencies and occasional bouts (a little leaven, which I want to totally disappear, I want to be totally delivered), I googled deliverance from insecurity and came across this article, which gives practical tips on how to be delivered and set free from insecurity:

Prayer: Lord, as Your Spirit leads, help me do the above. Deliver me from insecurity so that not a single trace of it will be left in me. That I may be secure in You, in who I am in You, in Your love for me, and walk in it, confident in Your ways and instructions. A Godly confidence, not pride. Hearing You clearly so I can walk in Your narrow path. Lord, I want to be the person that You made me to be, that You see me to be. Open my eyes and help me see that person. In Jesus’ name, amen. 


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