For years, I have asked of God, “what have you called me to do, Father?” A few days ago, I realized that I may have been asking the wrong question all along.

Instead of asking, “what is my calling, Lord?”, I should have askes “how and where do I go undercover?”.  

After all, our main calling is to be with Jesus and draw nearer, closer to Him as we become more like Him. From that flows our ultimate vocational calling is to be a Kingdom Ambassador, with the mission of being a gate of and bringing Heaven to earth, for His will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven.  Our 7m designation is the way we go undercover here on earth.  As we discover that 7m assignment, we should keep in mind that there is no greater calling and honor than to kneel and bow before God’s throne.  

And so, in my heart, I began to ask God such question…shortly, I began receiving an answer through a dream, which I asked one of my spiritual mentors to interpret. 

In my dream, when the bag disappeared, I realised, “oh no, my passport was there”…The passport is a proof of identity. Then again, I saw the money and the warch. I realized ah, I could get another passport (also, it’s just proof of identity, not my identity per se), but loss of the bag (baggage) was exchanged with time and money (provisions). 

Per Ate Teq, Iran means mountain. Oh my gosh, I just realized something…I’ve been asking God also, what mountain He has called me to….gosh, could it be this: government mountain?!

Reveal, more, Oh Lord. For I badly need to hear Your instructions, Lord. 

And now, my present dilemma is this: should I proceed to help out my friend in the start-up ASEAN law firm and let go of my current gigs, which I’m not very happy about, anyway? My husband has been convincing me of the former for months now due to our financial condition; although two things seem to be calling me to remain with the latter: 

1. Time – Currently, I have a lot of time on my hands, even time to attend a 5day conference, which fueled a deeper passion for God and His ways. I find more myself in a state of rest lately; probably hence more revelations

2. Moving to a “real” law firm may once more move me further from that undercover assignment(s) has for me. 

Nonetheless, lawyering may be a good undercover for a season. With the perspective that my identity should not be tied to it, I should be fine. 


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