Traffic Free

Just like millions of other Filipinos living in Metro Manila, I complain about traffic in the Metro. It is one of the reasons why I can’t wait to lodge our migration application to Australia. Lately though, I’ve discovered a way to make traffic more bearable: practice the presence of God by basking in His light. 

Nowadays, instead of driving, I take Uber or Grab. It allows me to just close my eyes and pray. With my sanctified imagination, I picture my Abba Father on the throne, Jesus seated on His right hand and me seated with Christ. Just closing my eyes, I see light, bright light and bask in His peace. I know for certain that such is the Presence of the Lord. In His Presence, I thank Him for anything and everything I could think of…and it certainly has changed my mindset.

I used to be so active in sharing political posts online. I realized though that it may not be beneficial for me to share excessively. The realization made me shy away from Facebook. I then noticed my spirit lightening up…there’s now less anger, confusion and angst. Instead, I opt to press in prayer and intercede, lifting up my concerns to Him. 

Also, as I pray and declare His glory in my situations, nothing less, I noticed more peace in my heart. This is supernatural, I know. This is so not me. Lol. Thank You, Lord! 

Notes from last Thursday’s Windwatch Makati service. So thankful that my husband attended with me. When He leads prayers, He simply prays, “Show us Your glory, Lord.” Even as he prays, I know the Lord has answered our prayers.

Tonight, as I go to sleep with a lighter heart, I can’t really say that I am concern-free, because my concerns still exist. I just feel so much peace and joy though because I know that God is at work, and what seems like delay is merely momentum. His answers are on hand, though manifestation in the natural have yet to be seen by physical eyes. I will see His goodness in the land of the living…I am seeing His goodness! God is with me. That’s all I really want. I have found the only quiet place in this noisy, busy world. 😊☝😊


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