Course Correction

I woke up from a dream of being in a huge and grand white-walled school with 2 dear sorority sisters. They were properly seated on their desks, discussing where they are in their careers and asking me if my going back to P&G was sufficient, based on the number of my transactions. Before I could answer, another law school batchmate named Angel entered the room. I was surprised to see her, as I thought that she entirely dropped out of law school or the profession. She told me how she was taking a few units here and there still until she gets to determine what she wants. I shared about how I can relate with her, having left and quickly returning thereafter. I told her that she alone can determine what she wants, thpugh it may take time. As I shared that with her, there was a flashback to a scene where I was dressed in white, a passenger in a tricycle.

When I woke up, the following Devo greeted me, as if emphasizing His commitment to help me when I slip, encouraging me to wait patiently for Him and not be afraid or discouraged. He will stabilize me, where I may feel unsettled, and in that stable place, He is already there. I declare that I am standing in such stable place because He is the solid rock on which I stand.

I realized that that when it feels like we’re in the middle of a slimy pit, God is not just teaching us a lesson on trust, grace and resting in Him but also purging the desires of our hearts like a refining fire. He refines our selfish ambition to Godly ambition according to our assignments in His Kingdom for the purpose of establishing His will on earth as it is in Heaven. 

Also, the slimy pit may be a place of testing and strengthening the inner man. It is the place where God roots us deeper in our identity in Christ, in stark contrast with whatever exists in our external environment. In the place of the pit, where it may be dark, God’s light shines brighter. The article below actually captures the rest of what I want to say perfectly well. 

Though detours may be inevitable at times, we honor God by waiting on Him and heeding His leading and instructions. He won’t lead us where He hasn’t gone before us.

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