This morning,  I couldn’t help but cry when I saw my husband post this on instagram:

Was just so blessed when I saw my husband’s post. God has done and continues to do a mighty thing in his heart. I am just so, so amazed!

That was a photo from last night’s Bethel Live in Manila. 

We were seated at the topmost row in the bleachers by the stage. 

View from the top…literally and figuratively too

But we didn’t mind. As my husband said, there was plenty of room to dance around in. Undignified as it may seem for others, I moved around a lot, worshipping with gestures as well as with my voice. 

I cried my eyes out. The Holy Spirit mightily moved in the coliseum – He touched hearts regardless of proximity to the stage. When the song “No Longer Slaves” was sung, I cried my eyes out. From where we were seated, we saw almost all hands raised, as each one acknowledged his need to be delivered from fear. When the chorus was repeated for the last time,  First few lines, it felt like the fear was lifted indeed. Then there was really a calm, a peace that fell. So, so powerful!

Those songs were among those that I sang along with in the past season, when I had nothing to hold on to but God.  Worshipping with my husband to those songs was more than enough reason for me to thank God. I found myself really crying and thanking God for being so true to His word. I thank and praise Him for breathing life into a once dying marriage.  Only God can do that!

And so tonight, with my hang-over, I once more proclaim: the King of my heart is just soooo good. 😊


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