More Joy

Having come from my previous life season of that perfect storm, there are mornings when I’d wake up feeling the pressure or moments even when I’d still feel my heart aching. Then, I’d have to remind myself: “It’s a new season, a new day! Rejoice today, for this is the day that God has made. Be glad in it!”

Yesterday, as I left home in the morning, I encouraged myself accordingly – words that were affirmed through the song, “Today is the day”, sung in worship at the Windwatch Makati service.

This morning, after reading this, and prayerfully speaking, “Lord, Jesus, I receive your joy”, I felt an infusion of joy in my heart, such that the pain lessened. 

I think the Lord is teaching me something here. He seems to be saying, “My child, My joy is at hand, I have been longing to shower you with it. I am waiting in anticipation and excitement for your willingness to receive more.”

Oh, Lord, Jesus, I want more…more of You, more of Your joy. 😄😄😄

Post script: An affirmation

A day later (today, Saturday morning), I attended this event. 

From one of the testimonies, I learned that by “interpreting your day”, you can also make sense of what God is trying to tell you prophetically. 

And so today, I got seated beside and became fast friends with a young lady named Pamela Joy. Her name means “all joy” and her childlike joy, hunger and wonder for things of the Lord was just so infectious. I realized that such joy is what my heart is crying out for…and it’s just the joy that God wants to continually impart and has begun to impart to me. 😊😊😊

Yes, more of Your joy, Lord! It’s my birthright as Your child. Thank You, Lord, for Your healing joy. Because You love me, how could I not be joyful? 😄


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