Walk this Way

So glad that we followed the promptings to visit the Walkway at BGC today.  The heat aggravated my dysmenorrhea, but I’m glad we went because I’ve been desperately hungering for Holy Week messages from the heart of the Father.

Uploading photos from the Walkway with a few musings and prayers.

Be sharp-eyed, be alert. Holy Spirit, open my eyes, make them sharp and alert to Your Presence, Glory, Word and Ways, as well as opportunities to advance and defend Your Kingdom, to declare Your will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Lord, the shakings in life have exposed all of the cracks in my heart and life. Lord, with Your blood, fill up the cracks, that my foundation may be You alone. Similarly, heal the cracks and faults in the fault lines in Metro Manila, Father.

Up close. Abba, may my husband and I worship You and grow in Your word and ways, from glory to glory, not just individually and as a couple, but in the context of a community. Lead us, both of us, to mentors and brothers and sisters that we can truly walk with in, through, towards and for You.

Dear sister and cousin, I just want both of you to know that you are loved

Forgive me, Lord, for sitting in the seat of judgment that is rightfully Yours. You are my King, take that seat in the throne room of my heart

Lord, Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. When I see things that frustrate me, may I declare Your will on this earth.

And I wrote them down…the very 4 things that I wrote in my journal this morning.

Delays in having children, sale of our Ivory Woods condo and car, in my husband’s job, and our migration process…all those I wrote on the paper I placed in the cracks.

Lord, I know, You can bear my honesty before You…that sometimes those delays fool me into thinking that I am far from Your love. But I know the truth: that nothing can separate me from Your love. Lord, I open my heart to You to receive more of Your love.

Lord, forgive us for the times that we have been unkind pet owners

I tried this out…as I carried the cross, I thought of my issues on shame and people pleasing, as well as my traumas from bullying. The cross was heavy and my scorn and shame was part of the weight Jesus had to carry. Jesus carried them all, I need not bear their weight.

Those 4 things I wrote in the paper that I slipped into the cracks were also the ones that I wrote in the paper that I nailed to this cross. I place them at the feet of the Cross of Jesus. In place of hopelessness and despair, I claim the hope of glory of Jesus in me. He is my hope. Nothing is impossible in Him

My heart welled up when my husband thanked me for being a good wife. I thanked him for being a loving husband…last year saying these heartfelt words to one another was close to impossible. But God turned things around. Only God can change the hardest of hearts and restore marriages, and any relationship for that matter.

On Black Saturday, we entered the darkness to have a feel of what it was like in the Garden Tomb on this day 2000+ years ago that we commemorate today

Reading this makes me remember the verse through which God first saved me from that angst of teen darkness: insecurity and depression. – Neither death, nor life, nor angels nor principalities, nor powers nor things present, nor things to come. Not height nor depth, nor any creature can separate me from God’s love, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

On sheets of paper, I wrote down the names of all those who prayed for us, listened to and counseled me last year, who believed in God’s restorative power when everything in the natural looked otherwise.

This was supposed to be a jump shot. Yes, love did find me. And love stayed. Thank God for His love flowing through both of us.

Lord, I am a broken vessel before You. Only You can make me whole. Make me an agent of Your wholeness snd healing


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