Anchored on Dunamis

For the times that I struggle with thoughts of this: 

Lord, everyone else has already had a baby. Why am I left behind? I do not want to feel hopeless, Lord, because I still cling to your Word.

Where is the fruition in the natural of your promises?  Of those prophetic words? My heart may be able to wait, but my body, I’m not so sure. 

I pray: 

Lord, I cannot do anything about this, totally not in my power. So I yield this You, for You alone can do something about this. I await for the surprise that Your dunamis, Your resurrection power holds. I do not want to limit You, Lord. 

This makes me recall last Thursday’s message at Windwatch Makati:

Thank You for once more enlightening the eyes of my heart with Your dunamis power, Lord. You are my confident hope. You are within me. I entrust this matter to You. Your resurrection power be at work in my womb, in Jesus’ name. 

I know You understand me, Lord, I know You understand my rants, the deep desires of my heart. But even deeper than that desire is You. You are my anchor, Lord. I hold on to You. Amen 

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