Steadily Renewed

Yesterfay morning was fine, but in the course of the day, I came across some pollutants. 

I realized that we won’t always interact with pleasant people. Circumstances may not always be pleasant, as,well. But we can make a choice on what to dwell on. When we choose to think of the things enumerated below and ask help from the Holy Spirit, our mind continues to be transformed. 

One thing that helped flip the switch for me yesterday was how God has been turning my life around from breakthrough through breakthrough. I may not be where I aspire to be yet, but I am in a journey, from glory to glory, and Jesus is in the process. This helped turn my mind back to Him. Focus is key indeed. 
Cheers to the secret to a mind that continues to be renewed to conform to Christ’s image after it has been healed and surrendered to God. šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘

Best to meditate on: Jesus

Thank You for making it simple, Lord. We just need to trust You and follow Your ways in obedience. Thank You for giving us the will and power to follow You. Only by Your grace. Thank You, Jesus. In Your name, amen. 

I belive God responded to my prayer and meditation with this assurance – my reward to calling upon Him in truth: more of Him. In this world, to be steady, we need to shift our focus to Him, our faithful, unchanging, eternal God, who loves us and to whom we belong.

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