Birthday Word

On our retreat’s Third Day, the first speaker, Pastor Millard, a 30 year old pastor (so young and anointed!), took a risk before delving into the meat of his message. I was the PowerPoint operator for the day, so I was sitting in front of him. 

He asked: do the dates April 14 to 16 make sense to anyone here? Of course, I stood up, because April 16 is my birthday.

He said that God revealed the dates to him very early in the morning. At that point, I was already thanking God profusely in my heart because I have been asking Him for a word for my birthday. 

“Does the number 4 mean anything to you?” He continued to ask…and proceeded to say, “the 4th day is the day when God created the times and the seasons. And right now, He is giving you a word to discern the time and the season in your life.”

He asked a follow-up question: does the names Thomas or Bob mean anything to you? I replied no. 

A few minutes ago, I stumbled upon this blog. This may be the reason why the name “Bob” was highlighted. It may be part of God’s message: the delayed answers are part of God’s purifying fire in your life. Embrace it, says the Lord.

He then proceeded to describe what he was seeing: a picture of Thomas the Train. 

This, according to Google images, is Thomas the Train

He asked: does the word “delay” mean anything to you? I answered a resounding yes.

He proceeded, “like Thomas the train, there is a short detour. But you will get there. There just has to be a Godly delay.”

In my heart, I finally understood the delays with so much peace.  For a few months now, my husband and I have been wondering and asking God: what’s up with the delays re: the Australia migration, Lord? 

I’m realizing that the delays are because of the pioneering assignments God has for me this season:

1.  to help set up the official Women of Wonder ministry vehicle 

A poster of the retreat I attended last weekend…it was definitely an audience with the King. The assignment is to incorporate a legal entity and act as its Corporate Secretary, with the wisdom that the Lord is giving.

2. Help set up this law firm here. 

Yup, and God has given me the privilege to be employee #1!

Both will be my springboards. Plus God promised a surprise. I wonder what that is. Hihihi. 

In another word, it was confirmed, that when I go, I’ll know I won’t just be going, but I’ll be sent…together with my husband. So, really, am just thankful for the Godly delays! Thank God for the joy in the waiting! And yes, this is all part of the testimony. 


Thank You, Lord for those words of prophecy and encouragement, which I know are from Your heart. They line up with the very things You have been revealing to me in my quiet moments with You. I know You are just stirring things up. Giving a momentum in the form of those Godly delays. I do not know what Your timing is, but it is in Your hands. 

Thank You for hearing even my smallest prayers. When I asked a word from you in relation to my birthday and the delays in my life, there You give it to me! You are indeed the God who sees and hears me. You are my God and King of my heart. ❤


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