Born on Labor Day

April 29 to May 1 was not a mere three-day retreat for the Women of Wonder; it was a weekend with the King.

The sweet fragrance and aroma of Jesus filled the atmosphere of worship on Day 1. The ladies were exhorted as a company of Esthers, Deborahs and Mary’s, who are to arise and advance God’s Kingdom with a promised birthing of new businesses, ministries and dreams. 

Day 2 was an audience with the Good King of Heaven. In worship and soaking, there was confirmation to take posession of the promised land. God’s presence left us speechless, healed wounds, and imparted rhemas and visions.  The direction for the group was given through a powerful and unexpected vision. 

On earth as it is in Heaven through the marketplace, the Joseph anointing of prophet and entrepreneur was awakened and activated in the women.  Their identities in the Lord were revealed and affirmed, as they were crowned amidst declarations of who they are in Jesus.

A vision came to pass, as the WoW vision keeper walked down the aisle, as Christ’s beloved, symbolizing each woman’s identity as the Bride of Christ, whom Jesus, Himself, is calling and purifying.  Sweet, joyous and touching, it was a wonder-filled moment with the King.

On the third day, a surprise guest from the entertainment mountain, Ms Kuh Ledesma, shared about her 17-year journey with the Lord. The atmosphere shifted with worship and communion. Souls were delivered and saved. Anointings and callings were revealed and confirmed. Ministries were birthed, in line with dreams and visions shown. The women were charged to run with the vision of wholeness in spirit, soul and body, with the knowledge that each one is Wonderfully made, One-of-a-kind, and Wise. Truly WOW! 

When Jesus walks in the room, new things are indeed birthed on earth as it is in Heaven….only made possible by our most wonderful God and King. And we have only just begun. 


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