EnSCRIBEd: aSCRIBE to the King

Thank God for pointing out this Scripture through this url: http://schoolofthescribe.com/index.php/15-general-information/8-26-signs-of-a-prophetic-scribe.html. I just needed to google “scribe anointing” after replaying the word I received through Tammy yesterday. I realize now that this is the mandate God is giving me: “be a Scribe for My Kingdom. On earth, as it is in Heaven”. No wonder the eyes of my heart always see myself seated before the feet of the King. In worship, I am to transcribe what God allows me to see, listen and perceive from His heart. This is my place in His Kingdom. This is the calling He has assigned for me.  For this assignment, indeed I need to go deeper and deeper still into His heart, which has infinitely great depths and will take an eternity to navigate. (There goes why God gave me a passion for new discoveries. Even my unusual interest in different colors and types of pens and writing materials confirms this!)

Since receiving this word from Tammy yesterday, I felt something burning in my heart, an indescribable passion. My mind also feels like a computer downloading information. A lot of rhemas that need to be written are swirling in my head right now…I actually don’t know where to begin, except through this. I know it can only be God. 

Until such word, I have been asking God about my specific place and role in His Kingdom. I had been asking Him, “Lord, how do You see me?” Also, I did not realize that there’s such a thing as a Scribe Anointing. I believe He’ll be teaching me more about this in the days to come.

The word just resonates with me so much and it makes so much sense, given how God has been working in my life, and the things that He’s downloading to me. In the past 7 years, God has just given me a hunger to know more of Him and His ways. It was like being a legal researcher…but the scope of research was not man’s laws, but God’s laws. No wonder, He has been impressing this phrase to me over and over again: His word and ways. I also now understand why this is something that also flows naturally to me in my secular jobs. 

More than ever, I now understand why God has made me undergo a process, emphasizing the renewal of my mind, so it can be the mind of Christ, not just in the spirit but in the soul and body, as well. 

I have committed my thought processes to Christ, and as I write this, I pray that He will teach me how to do this. Right now, He’s giving me a knowing that there will be downloads upon downloads of His heart when I write…an impartation of His heart of love to me and through me to the people He loves. This though, I must be conscious of: I am merely a scribe. He may use my writing style and tone, but it is Him, all Him. His message, His voice, His glory. 

Excited to mine God’s storehouse of treasures deeper! I now understand why I am drawn both to the old and the new

I am excited for this assignment, Lord. Thank You for letting me know how You see me: I am Your daughter, the bride of Christ, worshipper and SCRIBE. I am a scribe to the King of Kings, ascribing only to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I am excited to write edicts and oracles from Your heart. 

Here I am, a willing co-laborer for Your Kingdom. Thank You for giving clarity on this. More clarity, Lord. Yes, make a way even when there seems to be no way. 

Written in God’s heart, you are, even before you were formed. 

Really thankful for this word, Lord! 


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