Highlights of the Day 1 Exhortation

Managed to scribble down a few things from the prophetic exhortation of Pastor Gab, spiritual father of Women of Wonder. Reviewing this, I just couldn’t help but praise God. This is not just an exhortation for the weekend that was an audience with the King, but something to carry in our hearts daily.

Can’t wait to transcribe in full. ❤

No complacency. Women warriors. Arise. Progress. Do not belittle yourself. Awake out of your slumber, Christ will give you light.

Dance in My presence because victory upon victory has been conferred upon you. 
A song in the night. You will cross over. You are getting into the promised land. Company of Ruth. Harvesters of Jesus. 

The Lord is waiting for His daughters to arise, anointing of Ruth, meeting Boaz. Deborah arise when men’s hearts are failing them. Arise as encourager with the right judgment. No longer the time of who is the male and female. God’s vengeance even upon His enemies. You are strong in the Lord.

Company of Esthers, Queens. Arise. You are never lagging behind. God is calling you forth. Enter in. What do you want? Ask that your joy may be made full. It is the Father’s pleasure to give you. Gone are the days that you are in doubt or unbelief. An audience with the King. Coronation time. Processing, beyond claiming. Enter in, a night with the King will be your portion. 

Company of Mary’s, full of grace: new birthing. Birthing season. No longer barren. Deposit of the spirit. You’re gonna conceive and travail. Birthing of new businesses, ministries, dreams. Not a time to be small. Everything God said will come into fulfillment.
Preparing you to be the bride of Jesus. 

Cast out devils, speak with new tongues. Lay hands on the sick. The time to be anointed is now. 

The Lord is calling you out by your name.
Shout for joy. Receive the strength from the Lord.Somebody just received miracle money:

Advancing of God’s Kingdom in the next 3 days. Prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.

Miracles even in our midst. Large deposit in account. Promotion.
Never a nobody.

Restoration: spirit, soul and body.
Just like Jesus. You will behold Him and see Him as He is. The bride is patterned after the Bridegroom.

Stay in My presence. I will prepare you, My bride.


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