Jure Regalia

On the second day of the WoW retreat, the day I was assigned to lead worship, I woke up to a dream early that morning. In my dream, I was shown numbers and mathematical logic written in words on a ruled notebook within thin green lines. I was told that the writing belonged to my first love. When I looked at the handwriting, the first thought that came to my head though was it looked too beautiful to be handwriting of the actual person who was my first love. I realized, it had to be from my First Love. (Come to think of it, when I recall the dream, the handwriting looks like a tidier, more beautiful version of mine).

I told a fellow organizer about the dream, not realizing that she was the one assigned to do the exhortation. What immediately sprung to her mind was the Book of Numbers, and suggested that I look up its background. 

And so I did. 


We then realized that God may be telling us something through the dream: take possession of the promised land. Why not? It was consistent with Pastor Gab’s exhortation on advancing (not regressing) the night before. 

The program began after breakfast. A focused time of worship in song was the first on the agenda. Without planning on doing so, the words just flowed in my exhortation for the first song, entitled Today is the Day, “We can rejoice and and be glad today, because today God is telling us that we can take possession of the promised land. Today is day!” Thank You, Jesus! Thank You, Holy Spirit! 

By the third song, King of my Heart, the presence of God was so thick. We were just in awe. It felt like we were indeed standing before the High King of Heaven. 

In a while, as we were about to soak, is suddenly hit me: JURE REGALIA. I looked it up further. The screenshots below explain the concept: 

Essentially, the promised land belongs to our God and King, whose His full control and sovereignty resides in His person. Such authority flows to His Kingdom. When He is the King of our hearts, we are citizens of His Kingdom. Because we are citizens of His Kingdom, we can jointly explore the land with the Kingdom. In such sense, we co-labor with God. We can take possession of the land today, claiming His promises. Hence, we can advance and take hold of it. 

On a related note:

Thank You, Lord, for downloading this rhema! 

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