Watch “Bitterness Causes Bad Decisions” on YouTube

After a difficult conversation with my mother last night, my heart was just reeling. Almost all day long, the matter kept on replaying in my mind. I prayed, “Lord, I don’t want this to turn into another bitter root built upon another bitter root in my life…please help me.”

The soulish voice in my head was also strong though, saying “see? they couldn’t see that you’re right.” And so I sought God once more, “Lord, why is it that they always couldn’t see that I’m right? Why does this seem to be a pattern in my life?” And then I heard a small still but distinct voice say, “Lay down your right to be right.” Selah.

The Lord reminded me how for the sake of relationships, we need to lay down the right to be right at the feet of Jesus, who is the righter of wrongs. In this way, when we lay down our right to be right, we give back the judgment seat to God. Instead of pointing out others’ weaknesses, we are to honor who Jesus is in them. 

Let His love working in our hearts cover a multitude of wrongs. In this way, a bitter root, whether an offshoot or fully-grown is nipped in the bud.  In this way, instead of nourishing a bitter root, through love, we nourish honor. 

Lord Jesus, thank You for empowering me with Your grace to lay down at Your feet my right to be right.  Help me to love, as I receive more of Your love, Lord. Make just overflow with Your love. Help me see others through Your eyes. By Your grace, I release Your love and grace to my loved ones, to myself, as well as painful memories. I dare not touch again what I have surrendered to You. Thank You for this revelation, which was a healing balm to my heart. Help me to walk out this healing, by the power of Your love, Lord. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

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