Truth-busting Fallacies 

Sometimes we make wrong choices based on false premises. Then we beat ourselves up with countless what-if’s, failing to see thd presence of our Divine Course Corrector and His hand in the various episodes of our lives. This, for me, is the “curse of Esau”, and this article was just…wow….such an eye-opener.

Are You Living Under the Curse of Esau? — Charisma Magazine

Quoting below the parts that struck me (headings are mine):

1. Failing the Marshmallow test – listening to the lie that the imminent gratification, which caters to temporary cravings, is superior than the Vision

Looking further, we see that because Esau despised the birthright he had, he is willing to exchange it for temporary fleshly gratification. Many believers will also. When they don’t see or feel victorious, or they look around at others and find themselves lacking blessings in their own eyes, they will also trade their promise for a temporary bowl of stew.

2. Void contract – alienating a right, which was never yours to begin with

The part that too many miss when reading about Esau and Jacob is that the entire exchange between the two, and the following results, are just as false as the lies that satan would tell you and I today. Looking closely, Esau’s birthright was never his to exchange for the soup; the birthright of the firstborn is a covenant promise of God with the firstborn. It cannot be revoked by anyone, just as God’s promises to us cannot be traded for other things. Romans 11:29 says, “For the gifts and calling of God are irrevocable.”

So we find that Esau didn’t have the ability to trade his birthright to Jacob. As we read on in the story, Jacob never actually takes the birthright (the physical one). Remember, the birthright is the double portion of inheritance, which included inheriting the father’s land and house. Jacob goes on to deceive his father and ends up running away from his brother and living with Laban. So Esau got angry at Jacob for stealing something that Jacob never actually stole. As a result, Esau lived for years in anger while still possessing everything that he was angry with Jacob for stealing.

This is exactly what often happens to believers today. Just as with Esau, they feel tired, hungry and defeated. At that moment, Jacob will enter the picture offering to give them what they desire. But just as when Satan tried to tempt Yeshua, that which he offered was not something he had the ability to give. Matthew 4:8-9 says, “Again, the devil took Him up on a very high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their grandeur, and said to Him, ‘All these things I will give You if You will fall down and worship me.'”

When Satan offered all the kingdoms of the world, it was no different than Jacob offering to purchase the birthright. Satan didn’t own the world, and Jacob could not possess the earthly birthright.

3. The Blind Spot / The Veil – searching for something, which is just underneath your nose or complaining about the lack of something, which you had all along

Too many believers live their lives having settled for less then the reality of what they actually possess. Esau lived for over 20 years in the house that he believed his brother stole from him, on land he believed his brother stole, and tending to herds he believed his brother stole. All the while he was in total possession of his entire birthright.

As a children of God, you have many promises, including what we read in 3 John 1:2: “Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, even as your soul is well.”

Abba Father, thank You for this eye-opening article. Thank You for Your truth that sets people free. Forgive me for succumbing to these fallacies in the past. But thank You, Father, because a new dawn has finally come. 

I fix my eyes on You, Jesus, my Vision, and that which You have called me for, which likewise ultimately leads me deeper into You. Holy Spirit, correct my gaze everytime it strays. With You as my Vision, Lord Jesus, the momentary inconveniences become deem. Besides they are submitted to You, who addresses all my needs and even my desires.

Your promises are Yours, as they are attached to Your person. Thank You for the privilege to receive, as it is likewise attached to my identity as Your beloved child, in Jesus. May I never alienate my right to receive Your promises, as it will be akin to forgetting my true self: who I am in You. 

Finally, Lord, You are my Vision. You are my inheritance, just as I was singly and together with my brethren (jointly and severally!), the joy set before You on the cross. Open my eyes, and remove any veil, obstacle or distraction that may hinder me from seeing the inheritance You have for me, as Your child. 

As for the years and seasons when I failed to appreciate who You are, who I am and what I have in You, forgive me, Lord. Thank You for Your immense grace that is more than able to right the wrongs and more than restore the years the lies have eaten up. 

As You accelerate my journey towards my destiny in You, enabling me to reach the milestones in time, keep me rooted and grounded in You. Protect me from swerving that I may stay in Your narrow path. 

In Jesus’ name, amen.


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