Prophetic Scribal Intercession?

This is the 2nd article on prophetic intercession that I’ve read this week:

Praying With Watchman’s Eyes: The Power of Prophetic Intercession — Charisma Magazine
There was a need for a 2nd article to wake me up because admittedly, I didn’t pay as much attention to the 1st one as I should have. (Lord, let me find it anew)

The article reminded me of times in my previous season when I’d just be stirred to pray for this or that personality or country, either while traveling, watching TV or traveling. I thought it was weird, but I just did it anyway. I did not write them down though. 

I stopped though, as I entered that season last year. All of my intercession became focused on myself, my husband, our marriage, our individual and collective circumstances. Every now and then, friends would ask me to pray for them, and I would pray dart prayers either via text or FB messenger. Through WoW, the Lord seemed to be enlarging my tent once more, after He allowed and empowered me to rebuild it. Now, could it be that He wants me to resume the intercession I thought to be weird, but this time with a different foundation? 

With the influx of material on being a prophetic scribe, could it be that God wants me to write out these prayers, as I was “trained” to write my personal prayers, as well as the dart prayers for friends? 

I think You’re on to something here, Lord. I shall keep my eyes and ears peeled (Lord, keep my spirit sensitive) and attuned for Your further instructions. 


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