Relentless Pursuit

In my 38 years of life on earth, God has pursued me relentlessly. Such realization hit when it took me more than two hours to share to a new mentor about the times He pursued me and felt so tired afterwards. If sharing the story was tiring, how much more the pursuit? 

This morning, I asked God if He ever got tired of the chase. I felt Him speak to my heart, “No, I did not get tired. I delighted in pursuing you. That speaks of how much I love you.”

I was then reminded of God’s stubborn love for His people, Israel. They’ve turned against Him time and again, yet He has continued to pursue them to this day. Such pursuit is not a matter of physical location, but a pursuit of the heart. Yes, God is after our hearts. 

Once the realization of God’s relentless pursuit of our hearts grips us, it draws us into a place of awe, wonder and gratitude of His love for us. We couldn’t help but reciprocate. We couldn’t help but love Him, who loved us first. 

The times that He allows circumstances and even the enemy to hide Him from our senses are actually invitations for us to also engage in this pursuit of Him. Unlike pursuit of men, which tends to yield uncertain results, pursuit of God is not in vain for He has promised that when we seek Him, we shall find Him. Pursuing God is a feature of our relationship with Him that makes it dynamic, as we discover new things about the God with whom we have a love relationship. 

The revelation of His pursuit for us coupled with learning how to pursue Him gives us a perspective necessary in co-laboring with Him in the Great Commission. 

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