I Can’t, But We Can

Yesterday was a blast in terms of meeting new people…to think just a few weeks, as well as a season ago, I was feeling so “hidden”. Amazingly though, when I voluntarily went to that place of hiddenness in the Lord, knowing it is the only safe place from the enemy’s attacks, I am finding Him exposing me slowly. But Oh Lord, may I remain hidden in You, notwithstanding. 

Imagine, having a 1:1 breakfast with the UK Trade Ambassador to the Philippines, who was able to relate with conversations on identity versus function and wanting to write a book to speak about our life messages and learnings. As for dinner, I was in the company not just of my bosses and colleagues but of the CEO of Air Asia, who also shared my penchant for personality and know-yourself tests. Cool, cool, cool! 

Thank You, Lord for the privilege of meeting these people. I get to meet them not because of me per se, but because You lead me, and You lead them my way. You are sovereign indeed. My prayer for these is that there may be follow-ups and that Your glory would just radiate and be reflected by my life, that these people of influence that I get to encounter may be drawn to You. Help me to smuggle in the Great Commission through these encounters, Lord. May they hunger for an encounter with You, as they encounter me and You in me. 

In the dinner with us was a Senior Associate from one of the biggest commercial firms in the country though. Two batches ahead of me in law school, but probably a year or two younger than me, she specializes in mergers and acquisitions, and hails from one of the richest Fililino-Chinese families in the South.  When the Air Asia CEO asked, “Are you recruiting her?” I felt a rise of insecurity, which I immediately arrested, and casted away as I prayed on my way home until I went to sleep last night. I will have none of that insecurity, in Jesus’ name! If the bosses get her, they get her. In such event, I shall learn from her and befriend her. Heavenly perspective, remember, dear Lorybeth. 

What is not cool though is how I have been somewhat stumped and less productive at work since last week. For hours, I would just be distracted, stare at my laptop, fidget with my gadgets, be concerned about other things, when I’m supposed to be excellent at work. Not because I want to impress others or attain certain rewards (although that is quite a welcome by-product), but because Jesus lives in me and He spirit of excellence just needs to shine so that others may know what difference Christ makes in the workplace when He is at the center. His glory, not mine, needs to be seen in this mountain of influence that He has placed me in. 

I made excuses though for myself as regards the unfinished real estate acquisition due diligence report, as it’s not something I normally did. But now, with that Tax-related legal opinion which is not budging, I no longer have an excuse. There’s also another one on Data Pricacy…. Lord, help! I need Your wisdom badly. 

Good thing He reminded me accordingly this morning, 

Thus says the Lord Who made [the earth], the Lord Who formed it to establish it–the Lord is His name: Call to Me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things, fenced in and hidden, which you do not know (do not distinguish and recognize, have knowledge of and understand). – Jeremiah 33:2‭-‬3 AMPC

Oh yes, I call upon You, Lord, right now. I admit my inability, my insufficiency before You. Lord, there are looming deadlines across a relatively extensive array of matters at work, and I am the only associate. Adding to that are things I need to do for the ministry You have given me. I give You the pressures. I will only do as I see You doing. I shall be at rest. 

And He answered with:

Thank You, Lord, for this doorway of insufficiency into Your Presence. I enter into Your Presence right now and remain there. In Your Presence, lack of clarity and confusion simply has to flee…because I am in You, You are in me and I have the mind of Christ. I can do all things, work on those deliverables, hobnob with all of those new people, because of You in me, Your power and wisdom at work in and through me. I seek Your face now, Abba. Please turn Your face upon me….Your face shine upon me, Lord, I ask, that Your glory may be seen, as I reflect it. Help me, Lord.

If I gain any praise, I offer it all back to You, my Lord. Right now, I lay down my crowns, past, present and future, anew to You. You are my King, and I am simply a child at Your feet, at rest, clinging to every word You say, and following Your lead. 

Abba, I remember this dreams that You gave me last night, about a ring being placed in my finger. In my spirit, I know, it speaks of authority. I claim and by Your Spirit, by Your grace, help me use this authority…to trample on snakes and scorpions and overcome the power of the enemy. With the authority You have given me, I trample on the enemy’s lies, on confusion, on lack of clarity, on insecurity. You have given me a sound mind, the mind of Christ, no less. I am confident because You are in me, and in You, I flow and have my rhythm. 

I lay down these burdens and yield anew to You today. Empower me. For by myself, I can’t, but in You, through You, with You and for You, I can. 

In Jesus’ name, amen. 
Playing as I wrote this (on repeated loop in Spotify):

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