Streaks of Light!!! 

I had some difficulty falling asleep last night. For some reason, I just felt restless. I played one of the usual worship playlists on my charging phone. I asked God what that restless feeling was about, as I prayed until I fell asleep. 

I woke up in the middle of the night last night because my husband had to pee. When he went out of the room, I saw three streaks of light that flashed twice coming from above my head and the wall. It was the corner where my phone was charging so I took a look at my phone. 

This was the corner. My phone was resting on top of the One New Man Bible. The streaks looked like they came from above the Bible.

My phone’s screen was turned off, so it couldn’t have come from there. I brushed it off and went back to sleep, with some difficulty so I just kept worshipping with the spotify worship playlist that was then playing. 

Then this morning, I went on YouTube to listen  to a worship song that really touched me in church yesterday. As I was about to share it on FB, I saw this video lined up, and just had to watch it:

Wow, Lord, could those have been angels? Why did they manifest? Or have they always been there all along, guarding my sleep? Or probably not just my sleep, but my every move? Or are You already opening my eyes (just like in the assurance You gave Nathaniel in John 1 to address his reluctance, that I claimed earlier yesterday morning? In such case, thank You! In whatever case, thank You!)? 

Aaaand there just had to be a time stamp on this screen capture. Lol

And just like this worship song that touched me in church yesterday, DO IT AGAIN, LORD! 

Excited to continue my dialogue on this with the Holy Spirit throughout the day! 

Sharing something from that dialogue. While I was taking a bath, the following lyrics were ringing in my head:

Spirit fall, open up Heaven’s door; we’re waiting with worhip for more. You’re the only love that satisfies me…

Not realizing what the song was, I continued singing until I got to this part:

Leave me astounded, leave me amazed; show off Your glory, let Heaven invade. We’re waiting with worship, we’re waiting with praise, for the Almighty Presence of God to invade

The song made me realize what is perhaps the crux: I believe this is the posture God wants us to have: to wait with worship and praise for His almighty Presence to invade. He is opening up Heaven’s doors, as we wait with worship for more…and there’s definitely going to be more of Heaven! The flashes of streaks of light was but a snippet of a foretaste of what is to come! Leave us astounded, Lord. I know You will. 🤗

And when I played and worshipped along with Astounded, I realized it is truly the song of my heart right now. Thank You, Holy Spirit for speaking to me through it!


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