Bread vs Cake

The other day, I woke up to a dream. It’s a bit hazy now, but what I do remember was this: I had a choice between pieces of bread (pan de sal) and a small cake. 

I just realized this morning what it means. It could have been a reminder of the choice between Christ versus the flesh. 

God can also be assuring me that: when you choose Me, as you press into, and chew on My Word, delighting in Me and pursuing My righteousness, behold My provision. My Word and My ways are inseparable. 

I am reminded of the message last night in Windwatch Makati on how riches follows as a natural consequence of pursuing God’s righteousness above all else. 

The message led me to remember and repent from the times when, in the face of decision-making, instead of asking, “what will please You, Lord?”, top of mind was “which is the better alternative, Lord?”. While both questions sought the Lord’s counsel, the focus and premise of one question differed from the other.  The first question focused on delighting in the Lord and delighting Him (yes, we are accepted in Him, but bringing Him pleasure and delight is another thing). On the other hand, the focus of the second was more of self. It was a Christian way of asking: what’s better (or in it) for me?

This encouragement is so precious to me at a time when my husband is in between jobs (making me the sole income earner), and aside from the normal bills, we have amortizations and credit card bills to pay. 

This situation is no stranger to us, as we have experienced something similar 8 years ago. Also, after my dad died, I remember times when I had barely enough. Through those, God provided. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even be where I am right now. 

If God was faithful then, and even in the olden times, how could He, faithful through the ages, not be faithful now? Selah. 

And such a great prayer here:


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