Dreams Galore

For 2 consecutive nights, I’ve had a smorgasbord of dreams:

Tues Night – Wed Morning

1. I was back in Highschool with James Goll as my literature teacher, and taking an essay exam on a blue book. The test had 2 questions. I was able to answer question 2 on the bluebook, while question 1 was a response to a book of his (or excerpts thereof). I made notes on the book and dissected the content, but wasn’t able to write down my answers in the blue book. When I left the exam, as I was talking with classmates, I realized that I wasn’t able to transfer my answers to Q1 on the bluebook. I wasn’t following instructions. I wanted to find James Goll to ask him for consideration.

(In real life, I purchased James Goll’s book on becoming a Prophetic Intercessor. I’m on Day 3…for 2 weeks now. It has questions, I haven’t been answering them on a separate sheet of paper. Could that dream be an instruction / reminder for me to do so?

Yesterday, I repented for “forgetting” to grow in my study of prophetic intercession)

2. I was in a photocopier shop that was white all over. While transacting at the counter, I was told that I have pretzels to claim as prize, but just needed to present my BPI ATM card. I brought out the ATM cards in my wallet. They were all under my husband’s name. I couldn’t find mine. I asked for consideration. The lady agreed and said, anyway, they knew me and knew that I had a BPI ATM card. They will give me consideration this time around, but will require the BPI ATM card for the next freebie.

(In real life, I have 3 BPI ATM cards all under my name. 

Impression: prayer in Jesus’ name is the access pass to claiming God’s freebies. It may be what the ATM card represents, since dreams 1 & 2 seem to be about prayer. Could it be that I’ve been praying more for my husband, but need to pray for myself too?)

3. I was sleeping and hugging a white stuffed toy that looked like the owl from Harry Potter. I was sleeping soundly in a double bed, anticipation of a reunion with one of my HS bestfriends the following day. The owl moved away from me, and I transferred to another bed, a single bed this time.

(In the book, Divinity Code, owl means:

Since it was a white owl, could it be wisdom or loner? 

Btw, bed appears to mean:

From agreement to single, with the loss of wisdom…could this be a warning?)

Wed Night – Thurs morning

4. The dream is a little hazy now, but it involved the following elements:

  • My gay ex in HS (back when he was a boy). In the dream, he was trying to pursue me, dropping me clues here and there. I recall clues such as a locker with a rose and a newspaper article.
  • Another HS friend named, Marco, was being used as the “bridge”. Then, Marco was kidnapped.
  • Authorities were trying to connect me the kidnapping.

(I woke up in the middle of the night from this dreak, once more renouncing any ties with the past. Since I wrote a testimony about what happened to me last year, pains from that season have been resurfacing. I needed to consciously make an effort to tell it to go away and say that it’s over now. 

Btw, I looked up the name, Marco:


5. I was in a police precint, innocently answering questions on a car loan granted to me (q.1) and transpo allowance given (q.2). My husband was telling me not to answer, but I proceeded. The officer probed deeper into why a duplicate privilege was given to me. I was already getting suspicious.

I was then asked a 3rd question: does your mother still receive grants from the government? I refused to answer, saying it had nothing to do with me anymore. I asked, why am I being pinned down and accused here?

(The other day, my husband was telling me about being uncomfortable in ministries that are make him feel condemned. Could dreams 4 and 5 be a warning about that?

The feeling I had after the dream was: so this is how my husband feels when he is being interrogated: like he is being accused, even if it were far from the truth. )

6. I was the passenger of a friend named Sherwin. We were driving along the seaside and needed to go to another island through a bridge. But he took a left term and made the car (an Innova) jump through the fence into the sea. I was scared. Amazingly, we didn’t drown and he continued driving for a bit. The car entered a bigger ship. He told me that he knew what he was doing and that I shouldn’t have been afraid.

When I went down the ship, there was a photo being taken. I had to join. Some people who were supposed to be in the photo were missing. Some of them were my college friends, and Marco (a high school friend).

(As I was praying about what the dreams mean, this dream was highlighted to me. I looked up the name Sherwin. It means: 

Could it be that the Holy Spirit wants to take me for a ride, and from a 1:1 ministry with Him, make me join other people with a similar ministry, and that He wants to shortcut the process?)

In all these, I believe God is reminding me to be aware of His Presence and fix my thoughts on Him, knowing that He loves me with an everlasting love. With this in mind, I believe that He will reveal more.


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