Unmasking Jezebel Part II

I continued to read this book last night as my bedtime reading:

As I continued to read, these pages really caught my eye:

I realized, whoa. All of those were happening to me, exposed last year. But God. 

Thank God, He intervened. If He didn’t intervene, perhaps it could have progressed and matured to disqualify me from claiming His promises. Perhaps the accusation did have an ounce of truth to it. But the bigger truth is: God has changed my heart. Thank God for His grace, for His pursuit of me. It’s now all covered by the blood of Jesus! Hallelujah! 

I realize now, perhaps the message with the prayer was allowed by the Lord to remind me to continue walking out the freedom He has given me. Control and manipulation no longer have no place in my life and my ways. Offense and insubordination have been cleansed out of my heart. 

Des strength may be made perfect. May I just be so hidden in Jesus, may He be seen instead of me. 


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