More Than Two Words – Tips for Brides Who are On Top of Wedding Preps.

“Never with sadness, always with gladness, I DO.”

With those lines from a Lea Salonga song, I sang my vows away last December 17, 2007.

Maybe twas because I was the bride and I was simply pretty starry-eyed, but I had a very nice wedding.  God allowed all the elements to cooperate with us – the weather created a romantic atmosphere and our church by itself, but more so when decorated, was a sight during a December evening.  The rock garden was aptly decorated, as well.  Everyone looked splendidly beautiful and handsome in their formal attire (almost everyone that is – except my own sister, well, at least she rushed from UPLB to my wedding).  People were commenting how beautiful the flowers, the entourage, and of course the bride too, looked.  Of course, my groom was also extra-dashingly handsome that night.  We chose our entourage pretty well too.  Mike had a fun time getting ready with his boys.  As for us, girls, we even had a bridesmaid secret (super secret tlaga!  haha).  Super fun getting ready.  And I couldn’t have asked for a better maid/matron of honor than my bestest friend, Miharu.  I’m so thankful for that quiet time and prayer that we had in the bridal car.

From the hotel going to the ceremony, we had a bridal convoy.  We were 30 minutes late!  Haha.  Akala siguro ng mga tao, I was going to back out na.  Hahahaha!  or not!  The bride is never late naman eh.  And so, the ceremony started at 8pm.

Mike and I were simply enjoying every minute both in the ceremony and in the reception.  We had a very simple ceremony with songs and picture slideshows.  We laughed…I almost cried (thank God, I didn’t!  haha) and our guests laughed and cried with us.  We also had a very simple program in the reception.  Mike and I enjoyed the special effects of our mobile wedding package – confetti, smoke and bubbles.  The emcees for the night, Ralph, Tere & Cams, looked fabulous and ably hosted the program as well.  The toasts from the Mij and Ambo were pretty impressive (at least to us), and so was Ronnie’s story entitled, “Nagsimula sa kasalan, nauwi sa kasalan”

Di nga lang masyadong masarap yung food.  Kelangan daw hindi, kung hindi super perfect na nung night.  Haha.  My mom said somethings din na medyo…hmmm…I better not comment na lang.  Anyway…

So, with that recap of what happened on our wedding, I learned a lot of things as Mike & I prepared to take and eventually took the plunge. These things would come in handy, especially to brides (and yes, even grooms) who’ll be planning their own weddings,:

1.  It’s okay to copy wedding concepts.  Ganun naman talaga.  Nobody has a patent to any wedding detail.  HOWEVER, when getting concepts from friends who will be celebrating their wedding on a date close to yours, ALWAYS ask for their permission before you get a thing or two from their wedding because some do mind.

2.  Do not over-estimate the guest list.  Do not assume that people know how to RSVP in advance.  Some will de-confirm their attendance just a couple of hours before the wedding.  (That’s what happened to us, and I was panick-ing a bit because of the food, tsaka I wanted people to be present to share the moment din naman with us…We didn’t invite a lot of people due to budget constraints and the fact that we wanted an intimate wedding…yet we invited the people who mattered in Mike’s and my love story and whom we thought could make it.  True, we were disappointed they weren’t able to come, but carry na lang din).  Although I couldn’t really blame those who werent’ able to get a copy of our invitation, probably they didn’t see the RSVP card there…those things don’t just appear there for no reason, you know.  As for those who were able to receive our invitation, but who didn’t de-confirm their attendance in advance…oh well.

3.  If you do not have a wedding planner, make sure to align matters with a wedding coordinator for the day, two days before your wedding.  My mistake was that I allowed my aunt to arrive in the afternoon of the wedding day – a couple of hours before the ceremony.  Had I aligned matters with my aunt a day or two before my wedding, I wouldn’t have been as harrassed as I was a couple of hours before that.  (Thank God for my entourage and for my make-up artist, the stress didn’t show!)

4.  It would be nice to get married at a time when relationships in one’s family are smooth.

5.  Get a good make-up artist and hairstylist.  Dahil dapat maganda ang bride!  My policy was not to scrimp on stuff that would make me look good.  Hehe.  Not in an extravagant fashion, because after all, I just wanted a simple, elegant look.  I believe such was achieved naman.

6.  When dealing with suppliers:
a.  Food – Taste test!  We never did this pala.  No wonder.
b.  Make up – Test!  Was fortunate to have found a good one on the first attempt of searching.
c.  Get a pro for the lights & sounds.  It pays.
d.  Dresses – make sure the entourage has enough time to fit their dresses.  As for Mike and me, were were quite fortunate that his mom owns a dress shop.
e.  Flowers – Go to Dangwa!
f.  Cake – okay pa rin sa Red Ribbon.  Looks nice, edible naman, not that expensive.
g.  Souveneirs – good thing my tita marie took care of these.
h.  Wedding car, photo/video – okay naman yung supplier that we found.
I’d gladly recommended our Make Up, Lights & Sounds and Flowers suppliers.  And of course, my mother-in-law’s shop.  Hehe.  Text/PM me if you wanna get in touch with them.

7.  Plan and prepare with your groom.  Although, you know what, as the bride, you’ll really be the one who’ll be on top of the wedding preps.  Let’s face it, women are more details-oriented than men.

8.  Choose your entourage, usherettes, and wedding program participants well.  Am glad we did.  😉

9.  Stick to your wedding budget!  (we didn’t…huhuhu).  But in the first place, make sure that the one you made is realistic.

10.  Pray (individually and as a couple)!  Pray as you prepare (and the preps will be smooth), pray before the wedding proper (you’ll be reminded that you are not in control, but God is) and just enjoy your wedding!  😉  Keep a thankful heart as you thank and praise God through your wedding.  😉

With all the things that Mike and I went through during our engagement, we only had a month and a half of prep-time for our wedding.  No, we didn’t experience cold feet anymore.  After we talked to our parents, we were sure that, that was it…there was no turning back!  With only a small amount of time to do so many things, we focused on the essentials na lang.

Sure it was quite harrassing preparing for our wedding in such a short span of time.  It wasn’t like we dropped the rest of our daily roles and responsibilities.  In spite of the difficulties encountered, multi-tasking added to the fun of preparing for your own wedding.  And we were really blessed that our efforts were being honored and that the resources were present.

Looking back, as we prepared, and as we went through the wedding – ceremony and reception alike, I could see God’s faithfulness. A wedding is after all, not just a celebration of a couple’s love and faithfulness to each other, it is also a celebration of God’s love and faithfulness for the couple.  😉


names i want for our kids

not that there’s any kid.  wala lang, naiisip ko lang tonight…of course subject to mike’s approval:

pag girl:

(Ryanna) Mikaia Loreen Baldrias Serrano (pag may Ryanna pa, ang nickname ay: Ryan)

pag boy:

(Rylan) Lorenz Mikhail Baldrias Serrano (pag may Rylan pa, ang nickname ay:  Rylan)

hot feet

as my sorority batchmate, val, and i sat down during reg to catch up a little this morning, she asked me a question about the next big thing to happen in my life,  “don’t you have cold feet?”  i paused for a while to think once more of the changes that would be happening in my life (nagkaka-cold feet nga ba ako?), then replied, “nah, di naman.”

well, that’s pretty much an understatement.  truth is, just as any bride-to-be may get, i’m pretty ecstatic.  (even though it may not be evident to all due to the hustle of activity around me, and even though i don’t really blog that much about my sentiments regarding this milestone in my life)  yesterday, mike and i met with our pastor for an intro to some pre-marriage counselling sessions.  pastor vj oriented us of his three-session module:  the practical perspective, the biblical perspective and the role of a christian married couple in society.  our first official session will be this coming saturday evening.  and i’m quite excited about it.  🙂

this afternoon, when i was opening a time deposit account in BDO and affixing my signature to the forms, it dawned on me that soon, i’ll be changing the signature (na kinopya ko lang sa mommy ko coz we have the same initials…hehe)  that i’ve been so accustomed to for the past X number of years.  so hayun, i practiced a new signature kanina.  (dapat pala gumawa rin ako ng bagong digital signature for my transactions)

aside from a new signature, i’ll be having a new surname, a new civil status and a new address (which will be requiring a huge adjustment on my part because fairview is much farther from UP compared to philcoa and i’m sooooo not a morning person), among other things that is (including learning how to be domesticated?  mike knows am not domesticated at all, but it won’t hurt to learn domestic skills).  so am i ready?  hmmmm…i would like to believe i am (we are).  after all, throughout the duration of a relationship, a couple should already be getting ready for marriage.  anyway, we’re not planning to have kids till after my bar exams in 2009.  my married friends say, that the relationship of a young married couple is  pretty much like that of boyfriend and girlfriend.  it’s really a baby which changes the dynamics of a couple’s relationship.

i have a little more than a month more to go (before our civil ceremony…and a couple more months before the church ceremony).  till then, sana mabigyan ako ng magandang bridal shower (kahit sometime na before the church wedding).  hehehe.