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An excerpt from a prophetic word spoken by Prophet Stanley Frodsham who was a personal friend of Smith Wigglesworth, a traveling companion and author of one of the books about him.



Restored Communion

Transcribing a word of knowledge given by the Lord through a dear friend from my CRL and LGI families. Synchs so much with the picnic dream!: 

The big picture God is giving in a vision: I’m just staring at God face to face. It’s like a first communion, and I’m wearing a dress. (She didn’t share the color, but my impression is it’s white. White as snow, as the Lord, has cleansed me)

Meaning: There are new things that God is ushering in into my life.  Whatever was there, it was cancelled already.  My communion with God, my relationship with God is restored and renewed.

Continue with what I’m doing now. Whenever asked for help, I help. (Hindi naghahabol.) They are the ones coming to me for help, and I help. 

There is a new joy in me that God is ushering. It is a joy from being released, from being free.

God is opening new doors for me to step into. New opportunities.
1. God wants to assure me of my forgiveness and my righteousness in Him. Whatever was in the past is in the past. Jesus has cancelled these things.
2. I am focusing on my career. There are many more things that God is opening in terms of my career. Ministry is on the side, it’s not the main thing. There is a new chapter that God is opening in my life. New things are coming. Don’t be unnecessarily burdened. God is protecting me from unnecessary concern and anxieties. They just come to me and I just say my peace.
3. Career – There is a new thing that God is opening up. Be ready and prepared in terms of this area of my life.

The promise of God: unending joy. Do not be afraid that it will be taken away from you. No matter what happens my joy is complete.

Thank You, Lord, for the blessed assurance! I am Yours and You are mine! I am free! All glory to God!

Streaks of Light!!! 

I had some difficulty falling asleep last night. For some reason, I just felt restless. I played one of the usual worship playlists on my charging phone. I asked God what that restless feeling was about, as I prayed until I fell asleep. 

I woke up in the middle of the night last night because my husband had to pee. When he went out of the room, I saw three streaks of light that flashed twice coming from above my head and the wall. It was the corner where my phone was charging so I took a look at my phone. 

This was the corner. My phone was resting on top of the One New Man Bible. The streaks looked like they came from above the Bible.

My phone’s screen was turned off, so it couldn’t have come from there. I brushed it off and went back to sleep, with some difficulty so I just kept worshipping with the spotify worship playlist that was then playing. 

Then this morning, I went on YouTube to listen  to a worship song that really touched me in church yesterday. As I was about to share it on FB, I saw this video lined up, and just had to watch it:

Wow, Lord, could those have been angels? Why did they manifest? Or have they always been there all along, guarding my sleep? Or probably not just my sleep, but my every move? Or are You already opening my eyes (just like in the assurance You gave Nathaniel in John 1 to address his reluctance, that I claimed earlier yesterday morning? In such case, thank You! In whatever case, thank You!)? 

Aaaand there just had to be a time stamp on this screen capture. Lol

And just like this worship song that touched me in church yesterday, DO IT AGAIN, LORD! 

Excited to continue my dialogue on this with the Holy Spirit throughout the day! 

Sharing something from that dialogue. While I was taking a bath, the following lyrics were ringing in my head:

Spirit fall, open up Heaven’s door; we’re waiting with worhip for more. You’re the only love that satisfies me…

Not realizing what the song was, I continued singing until I got to this part:

Leave me astounded, leave me amazed; show off Your glory, let Heaven invade. We’re waiting with worship, we’re waiting with praise, for the Almighty Presence of God to invade

The song made me realize what is perhaps the crux: I believe this is the posture God wants us to have: to wait with worship and praise for His almighty Presence to invade. He is opening up Heaven’s doors, as we wait with worship for more…and there’s definitely going to be more of Heaven! The flashes of streaks of light was but a snippet of a foretaste of what is to come! Leave us astounded, Lord. I know You will. 🤗

And when I played and worshipped along with Astounded, I realized it is truly the song of my heart right now. Thank You, Holy Spirit for speaking to me through it!

Time to Advance

This…with so many feels. 

The past year was a time of upheaval; yet when the dust settled, there were valuable gifts of restoration and steadiness of identity in Christ. 

After being given rest on every side, the past few weeks, warfare seemed to rise again. But God is saying, it is a time to stand your ground on His promises and advance in His purposes. No more reluctance. Just choose God’s character, relying on His ability. Breakthrough is at hand. 

No More Reluctance

Yesterday, in our Revival Group, the topic of spiritual gifts was discussed. Towards the end, as Ella prayed for me, she released a word that greatly impacted me: NO MORE RELUCTANCE.

It made me ponder on how there seemed to have been a pattern of reluctance in my life. At several points, I was reluctant to continue my courses and take the related licensure exams, reluctant with a number of relationships in my life, reluctant with my profession and my jobs, with being in the worship ministry, with leadership. In my relationship with God, reluctance in my walk with God that has caused me to back slide in the past and fluctuate in my pursuit of Him. 

Now, as I am on the cusp of a new season, where the Lord is birthing new things in me, both in the spirit and in the natural, God has seen my initial reluctance and wanted to put a stop to it once and for all. He is simply saying: NO MORE RELUCTANCE. Out of His grace, the Lord revealed this so I can receive from Him the power to do the good works He has prepared in advance for me to do. 

From this revelation, the Lord also made me realize these:

Borne out of double-mindedness and trauma, reluctance causes awkwardness, indecisiveness or half-heartedness in pursuits. The half-heartedness ends up frustrating one who knows in his heart that he can do better if only he gave a pursuit his all.  The reluctance prevents him from stewarding his gifts and his call well.  From reluctance springs timidity and lack of authenticity (as there are times when a reluctant person still undertakes a task, faking it till he makes it).  These feed double-mindedness all the more. 

But guess what. God hates double-mindedness. It is disloyalty to God.  No wonder double-mindedness and reluctance causes one to feel lost. It produces instability. But God by His grace wants to find the lost and steady the unstable. Thank You, Lord!

Yes, caution should be exercised as the Lord leads, but reluctance is not to be confused with prudence. It is incompatible with faith, passion and a pioneering spirit. Reluctance is primarily rooted in fear. Then again, God has not given us a spirit of fear or timidity, but a spirit of power and of a sound mind. 

In my heart of hearts, the Lord knows that I want to co-labor with Him. I thank Him for exposing and taking away all traces of reluctance, just like what He did in Moses, Jonah and Peter. Thank You, Lord!

Nathaniel, the 4th disciple, was also one in whom Jesus saw initial reluctance after he heard about Jesus from Philip. Seeing Nathaniel’s reluctance, Jesus gave a word, which arrested Nathaniel’s reluctance: He told him that He saw him under the fig tree, a place where he must have felt so hidden…and that was even before he decided to follow Jesus. 

Not only did Jesus give Nathaniel the assurance of being seen, but He also gave him a word on seeing an open heaven with angels ascending (from the earth) and descending upon Him. (I believe this word opened Nathaniel’s spiritual vision. I have also longed for that for some time now until I got tired of longing for it. It is a desire that God has birthed in me again, and through His word to Nathaniel, He is giving me a similar word. Yes, Lord, let me see that I may testify about it…about You.)

Indeed, only the Lord can truly address the issue of a reluctant heart. A word from Him can settle the matter once and for all. 

After receiving that word, I wanted to learn more about battling reluctance. I realized though that there are so few Christian articles on reluctance. Could it be because reluctance is so subtle and even the best of us experience it at times?  Yet addressing it is so important, as it is something that hinders the body of Christ from being totally sold out for the Lord and His purposes.

Google helped me find this article, one of the few materials out there, which puts it so aptly:

If you can relate to having a reluctance in sharing your spiritual gift, here are some encouraging truths to help you move forward:

Don’t hold back because you feel inadequate. God says you are appointed and anointed. Your adequacy is from Him. (2 Cor 3:4)

Don’t hold back because you feel what you have is too simple. There are people who need the simplicity of the gift and expression you carry, just as there are people who need plain food. There are many different needs and many different appetites.

Don’t hold back because you feel you do not have the time. What you carry in its barest form, released in a moment, may help feed a hungry person.

God can use what you offer to Him, but He cannot use what you withhold.

Don’t hold back because you are intimidated by other people’s gifts, styles or methods. What you carry is unique and highly valued to God.

You are significant and irreplaceable.

Your gifts are needed by Jesus.

And—there are lives at stake.


Through this article, I realized, as well, that double-mindedness prevents one from being used by the Lord. It deters one from prompt obedience, and whole-hearted obedience at that. 
With reluctance exposed through the light of Christ, it simply has to flee. 

All systems go now. No more reluctance, hesitation or double-mindedness. Eyes fixed on Him and the vision. Charging onward anew. 

Jesus, thank You for searching and knowing my heart and exposing the pattern of reluctance in my life. Because You are my Lord and I am led by Your Spirit, I am no longer swayed by the spirit of reluctance. Your perfect love casts out, drives out all fear which feeds the reluctance. Your fire and dunamis power heals traumas behind the reluctance, such that I declare that I am excellent of soul in You. In Your name and by the power of Your love, Jesus, I realign and resubmit myself to You cutting any and all ties with reluctance in You, Your Word and Your Ways. Forgive me for the double-mindedness. Forgive me for disloyalty and delayed obedience to You as well as lack of faith and trust in You. Forgive me for the timea when I did not put my heart into what you’ve called me to do. Cleanse me with Your blood. Burn away any chaff left, Lord. Seal me, o Lord, for You and Your purposes alone. With reluctance gone, help me to steward Your call and gifts, according to Your Word and ways. I ask for more of Your grace upon grace regarding this. I badly need it. Thank You, Jesus, for making me stable, steady in You, as You root me even deeper in Your love. By the power of Your blood, the Cross and Your Resurrection. Amen. 

Healing our Nation

Last Tuesday, 22 May 2017, at 10pm, our President declared Martial Law in Mindanao on account of repeated attacks by a local terror group that may either be affiliated with the ISIS or auditioning for their recognition. 

The declaration caused a lot of noise.  The dissent all around was confusing: here was our nation’s elected leader, who acted decisively through a proclamation, which intended to nip extremism in the bud; yet all around were people arguing about factual basis for his martial law declaration.  I asked, “Are we not all against proliferation of extremism? Aren’t the reports clear as day? Why are there speculations that those are but false news when events in Marawi are real? If the President’s intentions are pure, why is he refusing the observance of Constitutional safeguards?”

People have been grumbling against the nation’s leaders and one another, questioning the President’s decisiveness and engaging in word wars with their fellow Filipinos, more often than not strutting around with their egos. Perhaps more than the situation in Marawi, it grieved me how much dishonor was just being exchanged.


an immensely apt quote on honor that i read from Pastor Russell Evan’s book on The Honor Key” “You may not be able to respect your president because you disagree with his decisions or his ideology. However, because you’re a citizen, you must honor his position.”

Last week, before all this took place, I felt anxious all over.  The other night, my head ached horribly, as if a dark cloud was swirling, putting immense pressure on it.  Yesterday, my shoulders were so heavy, as I felt the load. This morning, i felt anger rising up within me, when I knew I wasn’t angry.  The feelings lifted when I acknowledged out loud that I was laying all the burdens at the feet of the Cross, in Jesus’ name.

I felt intense stirring to pray for the ongoings in my nation. And so I did. I worshipped God, acknowledging that He still sits on His throne and is sovereign over our nation. I pleaded with Him for a much-needed fresh encounter for myself and the nation, as well. I prayed for more wisdom for our leaders and strategies for our armed forces without any abuse, and for the extremists to also have their own encounter with God, along the lines of Cindy Jacobs’ 2001 prophetic word.

Admittedly, however, I got sucked into the fray, as I began to post articles and my own commentaries on the Constitutional basis of the Martial Law declaration, and how Congress should now fulfill their Constitutional mandate. I commented on how at the end of the day, there is a need to simply balance interests: Martial law in Mindanao, if not executed well, if constitutional safeguards are not observed, has grave consequences. But even graver are consequences of the spread of extremism in the country.

As I engaged on social media, all the more did I feel the heaviness of all of the grumbling and frustration in the atmosphere.  As I asked the Lord how the burden can be lifted,  I realized that all the grumbling was primarily because of fear – not just because of current ongoings but because of trauma from past martial law abuses. There is also a spirit of rebellion borne out of the country’s experiences against oppression, dating way back from the period when our nation was colonized by Spain.

While praying, I could not help but co-relate the headaches and heaviness that I felt to those I experienced in my ordeal last year.  It made me realize that just as a person is in need of inner healing, so is a nation…and God has wanted to heal our broken land for some time now, with each shaking that came, through which people could have humbled themselves and prayed, turning from wicked ways.

On that note, I was made to recall how a few months ago, our President initiated (sadly with stealth) the burial of Marcos. I realize now how it had a prophetic significance, as through it, God actually sought to heal the wounds of the past abuses and oppression. Sadly a lot of people refused the national healing that came through such form…I was one of them.

The realization led me to meditate on Revelations 22:2 about healing for the nations.

Through the middle of the broadway of the city; also, on either side of the river was the tree of life with its twelve varieties of fruit, yielding each month its fresh crop; and the leaves of the tree were for the healing and the restoration of the nations. – Revelations 22:2 (AMP)

As I asked the Lord about what would heal the nation, I was reminded of 2 Chron 7:14 on the Lord healing our land. That if we, the people called by His name, really need to humble ourselves in prayer and turn from any wicked way (may the Holy Spirit search our hearts).

Humility before the Lord was again emphasized to me yesterday as I read Isaiah Chapters 1 to 5. I couldn’t help but find parallelisms as to what seems to be going on in our country right now. Through verses 8 to 22 of Chapter 2, the Lord led me to repent for worshipping the work of my hands (career, hobbies, pursuits) and for pride, even of proud looks (haughty eyes).  I repented for my own pride and bitterness, as I realized how  I was one of those who refused the national healing that God sought to give.

I was also convicted for thinking, even for a split second, that martial law was THE solution for the crisis in Mindanao to be averted. The solution IS still God…always has been. (Although He can use our leaders, even martial law as part of His ways, if He wants).

Having had my heart softened, I also pray for the Holy Spirit to soften people’s hearts. With pliable hearts, may more receive the healing that God has been giving to heal traumas from our nation’s past. I pray for spirit of trust and discernment to rise up among our people, for us to be united in prayer and to unite behind our leaders and armed forces, as they defend our nation.

I pray for the true facts and the truth about the big picture to rise up: May true facts be revealed as to whether or not extremism has crept in the nation.  If it has, indeed, may such fact no longer be whitewashed, not even by political correctness.  But whatever the facts may be, the TRUTH is: God’s call for this nation, since the day Magellan put up the cross in Cebu, is irrevocable.  Because God has a glorious destiny, plans to prosper this nation and to give it a hope and a future, He is using a leader who purports to be tough to lead the task of nipping extremism in the bud, should it indeed exist.

There may be a lot of voices raised right now; but I pray for people to speak no longer out of wounds from our nation’s past, but from a place of healing. May healing flow from this new chapter that is about to unfold. I pray for more Believers to have a heart to pray for our nation’s healing. With such healing may the dark haze hovering above people be cleared, so they also focus on the needs of the here and now, that by God’s grace, our country can reach His glorious destiny for our nation.

Heavenly Father, Sovereign Lord, King of Kings, God of Angels Armies who sits on the throne, you reign over Marawi, over Mindanao, over the entire Philippines, over the earth.    Thank You for the privilege of coming before Your throne and interceding for this nation and my fellow Filipinos.  Thank You because Your word says that the prayer of a righteous man availeth much.  I have no righteousness of my own, Lord, but thank You because You have made me righteous by the cleansing of Your blood and Your word, Jesus.  It is because of this that I have confidence to approach Your throne of grace.  

In Your name, Jesus, we declare an end to the terror that the enemy tries to spread in our nation, whether through the extremists or even through leaders that would like to resort to tyranny.  Lord dispatch your warrior angels and arrest all these demons of terror.  Confuse their plans of havoc, Lord.  Above all, we pray, let them encounter You. 

We also pray for wisdom upon our leaders and armed forces. Give them downloads of Divine strategies, Lord. And we declare Your peace to reign in the hearts of the people. Lord, I plead for Your healing touch to come anew.  Heal the traumas and even the new wounds of our broken land, Lord…by Your stripes, heal our land with the fruit in Your tree of life.  Soften people’s hearts with Your Holy Spirit, Lord, that they would accept the healing that You are giving.  

In Your name, Jesus, let the voice of that critical, grumbling spirit be silenced.  May the anger and anxiety rising up be replaced with Your peace.  Lord replace the spirit of division with a spirit of unity in Jesus.  

Amidst all of this, we pray that people will turn their eyes upon You, Lord, and for your children most especially to fix their gaze on You, Lord.   May more Filipino Believers be prompted to pray and intercede for our nation, because Your promised revival will soon sweep throughout this land. Let the watchmen and women of this nation arise, Lord!  Give us clarity, as we pray.  Guard our hearts amidst any surrounding turmoil, that we may remember to pray from a position of victory, not merely towards it.  Encourage us, Lord, reminding us always that You have overcome the world. Fill us with Your peace, that we may overflow and be agents of Your peace. 

We thank You, Lord, because Your gifts and Your call for our country will come to pass.  We are a sheep nation, from where Your gospel is being preached to the four corners of the world.  And it shall remain that way.  Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.  And with this, we rejoice, Lord, knowing that Your plans for our nation will prevail.  We are excited, Lord, because we know that You are have already begun to do something new in our land.  

All of these burdens and petitions, I lay down at Your feet, at the foot of the Cross. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

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On Empaths

Currently reading up on this topic, as it is is something I’m quite new to.  Bookmarking a few helpful URLs